Energy handling

When you feel lost and someone whose body is filled with overflow of toxins spits his negative towards you inorder to make you feel more vulnerable and broken.  Never feel sad. Just respect him
For being too dedicated to his job. He is doing sincere work in his Extreme state without any sort of guilt which his mind has been ordering every single time.


You are the greatest pleasure,

You seduce me in every bit of waiting. You are the drug that toxifice me with the passage of time.

Each time when you flow through my neurons,gets diluted in the blood and trip my brain.

You are the immense artist who affirms my imaginary cosmos. You are the farthest tomorrow i wish to have in the next morning

#poetry #hope


Dear all,

How is your life going? For a few, the process is fantastic as always. Unfortunately the majority is not feeling the same. It’s not because they are jealous about the few. Not because seeing their success stories and it’s simply because we all have the same home, Earth

Do you think it’s justifiable what’s happening around us every day? Need to think ! Right? Yes we, need to think even if the world around us gets vanished. Need to think even if we only sees ecosystem and greenery gets limited to school textbooks and photographs.

I am not writing this note to inform you that it’s not too late for us to stand together and let’s build a better tomorrow. No. I refuse to say that. A dream without proper action is mere waste of thought.

As one of the human robots, i wish ” inhume brutality and burn into ashes. Let the mankind enrich with love,thus the whole world speak in the language of LOVE”.

Thank you